Tuesday, April 16

------Wet n Wild, Jordana & Kleancolor Goodies-------

Hey guys, this is my second mini haul type thing with products purchased from BeautyJoint.com!

First up we have the third Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Cover I've bought in the shade Rose Bud 904B

 This shade is perfect for those who are not quite ready for a full on red lip but still want noticeable colour.

Very pigmented on the lips, and like the other matte lip covers will benefit from a balm underneath. This shows up on my lips as a dark pinky/red and is a classic lip shade I think everyone should have in their collection.

Rose Bud 904B


Next up we have the Jordana Lip Out Loud Gloss in the shade E-123

Holy moly this one reeks of Watermelon! If that's your thing you'll be loving this one, if not...maybe this isn't the gloss for you.

It's a sheer red tinted gloss with a fine pink shimmer through out. It doesn't make your lips look too hoochie mamma though so that is a point in its favour.


What I really like about this gloss is the formula. It gives a nice subtle gloss on the lips and doesn't have that horrible tackiness that some glosses give you.

Now, my Australis Brow Pencil in light brown was quickly running out so I decided to give the Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner in the shade Taupe a go.

I'm still a bit hesitant as to whether I love this or not as my Australis one is pretty much perfect in every way.

The formula is very creamy  and has an almost waxy finish, which is excellent for filling in the brows but not so much for lining the eyes as I think it would tend to smudge and run a bit.

Here it is in the shade Taupe-

It's almost too dark for my light brown/ ash brows, but I find if I'm a light hand with it and spoolie it out afterwards like a mad woman it gives a nice finish I'm happy with.

Did I mention this thing is freakishly long? It ain't gonna be running out for a while that is for sure!

And last but not least....two new nail polishes by Kleancolor in the colours Sangria Burst and Pastel Orange.

Sangria Burst & Pastel Orange

This was my first time trying out any Kleancolor products so I had no idea what to expect. Overall, I'm 50-50 with these.

The price is fantastic of course and the shade ranges really good. The brush is a nice size, however the formula isn't spectacular... but what can you expect from $2 nail polishes? The first coat goes on very streaky, but another coat on top plus a nice top coat gives a good finish.

I'm loving the pastel orange shade, it's a nice neutral-with-a-twist colour that I don't think I'll get sick of quickly.

Sangria Burst is bright. I mean B-R-I-G-H-T. Like pretty much neon. Not exactly what I was looking for but okay I guess for an 80's party of some sort.

Now I just need an 80's party to go to....any one...?

Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Pastel Orange 
Kleancolour Nail Lacquer in Sangria Burst               

So yeah, that's it guys! What do you think? I think my favourite out of this lot is the Rose Bud lippy. Definitely wearing that one tomorrow.

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