Monday, April 22

Review: Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Foundation

I've been impressed recently with the range and quality of Australis products, and spying this foundation on the Australis shelves decided to give this foundation a go.

What the product claims:

The intelligent mix of High Definition balancing pigments with their amazing light reflecting properties creates flawless even skin perfection under any light. Combined with White Sapphire soft focus pigments, skin tone appears smooth, and imperfections are corrected. Vitamin E and calendula oil assist to moisturise and soothe the skin.

Fear the camera flash no more! A flawless, smooth complexion is achieved in any light. It provides a medium to heavy coverage with a subtly dewy finish.

My Thoughts:

First of all, I love the packaging. It looks a bit classy, is light so is easy to travel with, and best of all has a pump.

I do disagree with the claim that it provides medium to full coverage. I would classify this as a barely medium coverage foundation - which is fine - but not what it is advertised as.

Here are a few swatches of it on my hand and a before and after of my face.

The shade I purchased is the lightest available, nude. This shade is perfect for my NC20ish skin, but for those of a lighter skin tone, you may be out of luck. The shade range is one of the downsides of most Australis foundations.

The consistency of the foundation is nice and easily blendable, and as stated previously has about a medium coverage. It covers the redness on my cheeks well, but concealer is definitely still necessary for blemishes and under the eyes.

The foundation has SPF15 which is excellent, and quite a strong floral-ish smell when first applied (but this doesn't linger long). You also get a decent amount of product for the price so it should last you a while as not even a full pump is needed for the face.

I think this retails for around the $22-23 dollar mark which is relatively inexpensive for a NZ foundation, and is available  in Farmers, Kmart and selected pharmacies.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this foundation. I was looking for a more medium to full coverage as the product stated, but this foundation is still a nice addition to my makeup collection.

[Edit: After playing around with different methods of application I've found great results with using a BB cream underneath, and a buffing brush or foundation brush to apply. Almost flawless!]

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