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Great Wet n Wild & Jordana Products You Must Try [Including Reviews & Swatches]

Well hello everyone! Today I thought I'd start off by mentioning a few wee goodies I bought from

If you haven't checked out this website and you live outside the States, I recommend you to go and have a look as it has a lot of brands like Wet n Wild, Milani and Jordana that aren't really accessible to us forgotten countries :-)

Lucky for us, the beautiful creation of the internet has allowed us to get hold of these products at really affordable prices (not the overinflated retail prices that kiwis and aussies have to deal with- $40 for loreal foundation...really?)

My little haul arrived in only 5 days and shipping was very reasonable, so overall I'm very happy with life. Who else loves the arrival of a package? I think you'd have to be dead inside not to get a little thrill....

Anyway, on with the review and swatches.

I've never tried any Wet n Wild products before, but had heard really good things about their color icon blushes, so my first purchase was their Color Icon blush in 'Pearlescent Pink' because I firmly believe you can never have too many pink things.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush - Pearlescent Pink

Beautiful flush-of-pink shade suitable for really anyone. Has the tiniest amount of shimmer but nothing to write home about. If you want your bog standard pink blush than this is for you, and you can grab it for around five bucks.

Swatched on my hand you can see how pretty it is, and the best thing is that it is truly buildable. Want a slight flush of pink? Easy. Want to travel back to the 80's and fit right in? Just keep swiping.

Tested this out yesterday for a full day of work and although slightly faded, it was still noticeable.

I like this a lot.

Next up we have the raved about Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara.

....Btw, ever think that makeup companies are in an ever increasing war as to who can come up with the longest title for a mascara?

Ever since choosing to buy from only cruelty free cosmetic companies, I've had a hard time finding a decent mascara.
Sadly both my Australis and Chi Chi mascara's just weren't doing it for me in the big lash stakes (Although both companies do have some other very good products). I think I'm on to a winner here though.
As you can see from the pic below, the wand is relatively small with short bristles that are absolutely the best at getting right into the root of lashes and building up the volume and length. I can also do about three coats with no huge clumpy mess.

The formula is nicely black and I like the look it gives my lashes- comparable to the juggernaut of mascaras, Maybelline.

And best of all, I think this mascara set me back about four dollars on can you argue with that!

Left: Lashes with maybe 1-2 coats of mascara on.

Now we are on to my personal favourite of my haul, the Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner.

About a month ago I purchased the Chi Chi liquid eyeliner pen from my local Farmers department store (which I think set me back $30) that dried up into an unusable pen of despair in around two weeks.

So, in the market for a new liquid eyeliner, I spied this little beauty when I was browsing BeautyJoint and with little remorse added to cart. I mean, it was only four dollars okay? No guilt was to be felt.

The first swipe of this felt tip like pen and I was a very happy chappy. It goes on black, not that washed out grey some liners like to be. And best of all, IT DOESN'T SMUDGE. Sorry about that, but those of you with oily eyelids know the pain of smudged liner by the end of the day.

The fine tip of the liner makes it supremely easy to create the famous cat eye, so much so I now do it everyday with no fuss.

Right: Jordana Fabuliner in Black, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (which is fab btw) shadows.

And now last but not least... Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Cover in Think Pink and Just Peachy.

Overall I'm quite happy with these. Think Pink I get less wear out of, as it is a very modish 60's kind of colour on its own. For my naturally pigmented pink lips, I need some kind of concealer base to get it to look right, and most days I'm too lazy for this process. It does look very pretty with a coloured gloss over top though.

I reach for Just Peachy a lot more. On my lips this gives me the perfect coral colour, and brightens up neutral makeup nicely.

(L-R)  Think Pink and Just Peachy

Of course, these being matte, a nice balm underneath is beneficial to stop them emphasising those fine lines we all have on our lips.

Also, these babies aren't the longest lasting of lipsticks, but for a few dollars they are still worthy of being added to your collection.

And that's it for my first mini haul from BeautyJoint!

Until next time,

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