Monday, April 22

Australis Show Stopper Gloss Sticks in Fairy Floss and Fireworks [Review & Swatches]

Let me start off by saying these things are great.

I bought the gloss sticks in the shades 'Fairy Floss' and 'Fireworks'.

What the product claims:

High shine, high colour and high impact semi-stain! A highly pigmented gloss stick that provides a solid coverage that is non-sticky and easy to wear.
Kiss-proof with intense colour payoff that provides a lipstick, gloss and liner all in one!

I think this is one of the only times I've experienced that the product description provided by the company is actually 100% accurate.

The pigmentation of these gloss sticks is impressive, the formula goes on smoothly and feels light and moisturising on the lips, and the finish is bold colour with a slight glossy look.

Here it is swatched and on my lips-

(T-B) Fairy Floss and Fireworks

Fairy Floss Gloss Stick

Fireworks Gloss Stick

Fairy Floss is a barbie pink colour that at first is a little overwhelming on the lips, but settles down into a nice baby-pink shade after rubbing lips together for a bit. It has no shimmer or sparkle, and it's worth noting that both of these colours don't have any horrible smell or taste.

Fireworks is an extremely pigmented pink-red-purple hybrid shade that has a subtle red sparkle. 

Like the product claims I don't find you need any liner or balm beforehand when applying this, it truly is a one product does all. 

Lasting power is very good, but even once it has rubbed off it leaves a nice subtle stain behind on the lips (Fireworks especially looks great a a stain).

These gloss sticks are available at Farmers, Kmart and selected pharmacies and I suggest you go check them out!

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