Thursday, May 9

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer in Light [Review & Swatches]

This is definitely what it says it is- a heavy duty concealer. I've been using this in the shade 'Light' as both an undereye and blemish concealer for awhile now with mixed results.

The concealer has a very thick, emollient texture which can be both a plus and a negative when it comes to specific concealing jobs.

As said above, I've had mixed results with this concealer but I think I finally have worked out how to get the best results.

As a blemish concealer, this is great. It covers redness well, and as long as you make sure it is properly blended and set with a powder, it will last all day.

Covering dark circles however is a little trickier for this product. If you suffer from any dryness under the eyes, this concealer will just not sit right and will sink in to any fine lines (as I have experienced). Since I've switched up my moisturiser to a heavier duty one for the colder weather, I've actually seen much better results. It blends easier, and just looks more natural. 

I think the best way of applying this under the eyes is using a fluffier concealer brush (or even a fluffy eyeshadow brush) as you get the best results this way.

Also be wary of applying too much of this. You only need the tiniest amount (the amount I put on my hands for the swatches would probably be enough to cover my whole face a few times over). Because this concealer is so thick it can look caky if you apply too much, so applying a tiny amount and blending out with a brush until you are happy with the result is the way to go.

One plus for this product is the tube packaging, which is much more hygienic compared to pot or stick concealers. You also get a crazy amount of product for the price, 20 grams, which at the rate you use it should last years. Be aware of the little pot icon with the recommended shelf life on the back of cosmetics though, it tells you when its time to get rid of it, and this concealer has a 24 month life.

As a small bonus in the pack, you also get a very small concealer pencil. I've found the best use for this is lining around the lips when putting on red lipstick- quite handy to have and a nice wee bonus.

To conclude, this is a very decent blemish concealer, and a good undereye concealer (with conditions). As said earlier, if you have dryer skin this may not be the best product for you, but taking into account the affordability, the amount of product you get and the finish, overall I do recommend this concealer.

PRICE  $6 US, $13.99 AUD, $16-17 NZD.

AVAILABILITY  Easily available in the US, however aussies and kiwis can purchase this from which is where I ordered mine. 


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