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Chi Chi Nudes Palette Review - Drugstore Naked Palette Dupe

The Chi Chi Glamerous Nudes Palette is relatively new to New Zealand shelves, and can be classified as a more affordable and accessible version of the famed Urban Decay Naked Palette. 

The 12 shades have definitely been created in mind of the original Naked palette shadows, so if you always wanted to try the Naked palette but couldn't for whatever reason, this palette may be for you!

Contains two matte, and 9 shimmery shadows. The shimmery shades range in terms of shimmer, some are more pearly while others are full on.

PRODUCT CLAIM     Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes Eye Shadow Collection is a palette of 12 velvety, soft, highly pigmented eyeshadows that are easy to blend to create individual looks. The shades can be worn sheer or dramatic by applying them wet or dry.

PACKAGING    This is your classic plastic case with see through clasp lid. Feels very sturdy. Palette comes with two double-ended applicators. 

Shades 1-4 applied without primer underneath

1) This is a pretty pearly white shade with a slight shimmer. Excellent as a highlighter. Looks very similar to the highlighter shade in the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. Good pigmentation.

2) This is a very pigmented shimmery nude that looks beautiful on the lid.

3) This is your basic light crease shade, performs well on my fair skin but this probably won't show up on medium to dark skin tones. Matte.

4) This is another shimmery shadow, and is a  light browny/gold colour. Good pigmentation.

Shades 5-8 applied without primer underneath

5) This is the second (and last) matte shadow. A medium tone brown, good for crease work. Nicely pigmented.

6) This true gold shade is probably the most pigmented of the bunch and is truly gorgeous.

7) This is a gold-flecked dark brown, and is among the highest pigmented of the bunch. 

8) This is an dark olive/brown, pigmentation is OK on this one but not great.

Shades 9-12 applied without primer underneath

9) Another beautiful shimmery shade, dark coppery gold. Very pigmented.

10) This is one of my favourite shades, a mauvey purple/brown with a slight sheen. Average pigmentation but still pretty.

11) This is my least favourite shadow of the bunch by far, terrible splotchy application, and i don't really know what colour they were trying to achieve with this one.

12) A pretty blueish dark grey shadow, much better pigmentation than the previous dark shade.


There is a lot to like about this palette. The price is more affordable for those looking for a Naked palette dupe, and for the most part pigmentation ranges from good to excellent (apart from no.11 which is awful).

Some of the lighter shadows may not show up well on medium to dark skin tones so be aware of that. I also wish that there were more matte shades included, but that is only a minor complaint.

Overall I do recommend this palette if you are in the market for a decent selection of nude/ brown/ gold shadows, however if you already own the Urban Decay Naked Palette there is really no need for you to get this one!

PRICE    Approx. $31.50 NZD, $19.95 AUD.

AVAILABILITY  Can be found in Farmers department stores in NZ, Priceline stores in AUS, and online.


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