Tuesday, June 4

Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set Review

Picked up this beauty for less than $10NZD on iherb.com, keep reading to find out more!

Ecotools is an amazing cruelty free company that has very decent products at great prices- sounds too good
to be true right? But they prove that you don't have to pay a lot to have decent makeup brushes.

Product Description From Ecotools

  • Includes On-the-Go Travel Bag!
  • Earth-Friendly Beauty
  • Beautifully Soft with Bamboo & Recycled Materials
  • Look Beautiful and Live Beautifully Every Day
Our reusable cosmetic bag is made with natural materials & EVA.
EVA is free of phthalates and PVC.
This brush set makes it easy to complete any eye look. Use the large eye brush to blend a base shadow over the entire eyelid. The angled crease brushadds definition to the outer crease of your eye, while the petite eye shading brush is perfect for an accent color. Use the highlighting brush to accentuate the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. Complete the look with the smudge brush by smudging the shadow and liner along the lash line for a smoky finish.
Essential Eye Set brushes are made from soft, cruelty-free bristles, recycled aluminum ferrules and sleek bamboo handles.

The brushes themselves are pretty soft- not the softest I've ever felt but definitely not at all scratchy or uncomfortable.

They are shorter than regular brushes but not so short that they are hard to use, and appear to be well made. I haven't struck any shedding yet which is good!

As you can probably see from above, the large eye brush is massive and almost covers my entire lid! It works pretty well at placing nude shadows across the whole lid quickly, but I wouldn't try it with any darker shadows as it will get a bit messy (understatement).

The angled crease brush is also pretty large, but I do like this for putting a darker shade on the outer V and lightly along the crease.

The highlighting brush is named weirdly, as this is obviously more of a standard crease brush and works well at its job.

The last two brushes are actually my favourites and why I bought the set. The petite shadow brush is perfect at getting a targeted area like the outer V or doing a cut crease. It's very small and able to pack on colour very well. The smudge brush is even smaller and amazing at smudging out liner or shadow along the lower lash line and also highlighting the very inner corner.

Pug Photobomb!

PRICE  $7.99USD (under $10NZD)

AVAILABILITY  I purchased mine from iherb.com, cheap and quick worldwide shipping and great first time shopper bonuses.


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